Effective and systematic task management with JIRA from Atlassian Software

Why Atlassian JIRA?

The web-based application is a powerful, established, and fully developed 
bug and issue tracking system from Atlassian Software.

JIRA allows you to lay out, delegate, prioritize, follow, test, and manage tasks (software bugs, project tasks, changes, improvements, etc.) of any kind. 

A JIRA launch enables companies to have professional, systematic, and effective error, task, and quality management.

///SEIBERT/MEDIA is the largest Atlassian partner in the German-speaking world and one of the largest partners worldwide. Since 2008, we have implemented Confluence projects as a "Platinum Solution Partner". For our clients, we work in interdisciplinary, agile teams of consultants, designers, developers and system administrators. We are also happy to support your project - from an initial consultation to conception, design and implementation.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA: Official Atlassian Partner

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Reasons for a JIRA Project

Extensive Professional Articles on JIRA in English and German about introducing JIRA to your organization

More JIRA Video Tutorials with general JIRA explanations and many concrete screencasts, which help when learning how to operate the software

JIRA info brochure  PDF Download

Podcasts for your MP3 player on the possibilities of JIRA, launch strategies, workflows, etc.

Tips to avoid problems when introducing JIRA. Avoid potential pitfalls

Templates for internal presentations, to market your JIRA project internally

Guidance on how to deal with JIRA doubters and skeptics and how you can actually promote JIRA enthusiasts

JIRA-Projekt Guidance and ideas for employee involvement in the JIRA project

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Install your own Jira instance for free, no obligations


IT Departments and Service Desks

Scaling Agile Throughout the Organization

Scrum and Kanban in Software Development

Optimize Collaboration with JIRA

Our customers: 60% of the DAX-listed companies

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Obligation-free initial consultation

01. License Sales andConsultation Many customers buy thewrong licenses on their own. Too many or too few users. Incorrect combination of plugins. Non-synchronous runtimes. We can take care of all this for you. Data protection andinformation securityshouldn't be passed up or neglected. Whether in the cloud or in the office we're here to help you from A to Z. 02. Hosting and Operation of JIRA 03. Strategic Planning of JIRA Projects and General Consulting Central task systemsare cultural and organizationalrevolutions, yet they arenothing new to us. Wedo this a lot. Use our experience to youradvantage. 04. Use ofJIRA in Corporations Agile with multipleteams scale customers with our SAFe solution for JIRA. 05. Integration of JIRA, Plugins, and Third Party Systems Over 1,800 add-ons are available for JIRA. We'll select the right oneswith you. 06. Individual Plugin Development for SpecificExtensions Our sponsoreddevelopment approachallows you to expandthe system to suit your needs. We'lltake care of the future maintenance. 07. User Training, Sessions, and Workshops From training all project participants to rollout consultationwe'll work with you to increase involvement in the system.

Integrate Business Teams with JIRA

JIRA is number 1 worldwide among agile software in development teams. Get the complete picture of your software development process with our help in JIRA. We help beginners and high-end professionls alike.

SAFe is a framework which we support in JIRA that helps you, multiple scrum teams, and the entire organization with the coordination of processes and product development. For large organizations (starting at 3-5 scrum teams), this is highly valuable.

For many departments, JIRA is a valuable asset when it comes to tasks, service desk, asset management, ITSM, and almost every other demand. This could be the same for you, too.

Central task management is a part of marketing, business, accounting, organization, support and all non-technical areas of an organization. The productivity gain is often significantly higher when JIRA is used.

Choose an appointment time directly online. We will call you back and advise you free of charge over the phone.

Competent consultation by appointment 

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Beratung und Verkauf von Lizenzen

Viele Kunden kaufen Lizenzen alleine falsch ein. Zu viele oder zu wenig Nutzer. Falsche Kombination von Plugins. Nicht synchrone Laufzeiten. All das lösen wir.


Hosting und Betrieb von JIRA

Datenschutz und Informationssicherheit sind weder überholt noch zu vernachlässigen. Wir helfen von A bis Z. Ob in der Cloud oder bei Ihnen im Rechenzentrum.


Strategische Planung von JIRA-Projekten und allgemeine Beratung

Zentrale Aufgabensysteme sind kulturelle und organisatorische Revolutionen und kein Abenteuer. Wir haben das schon hundertfach gemacht. Nutzen Sie diese Erfahrung.


Nutzung von JIRA in Konzernen

Agile mit mehreren Teams skalieren Kunden mit unserer SAFe-Lösung für JIRA.


Integration von JIRA, Plugins und Drittsystemen

Über 1800 Erweiterungen für JIRA sind verfügbar. Wir wählen die richtigen mit Ihnen aus.


Individuelle Plugin-Entwicklung für spezifsche Erweiterungen

Unser Sponsored Development-Ansatz ermöglicht Ihnen, das Systemum Ihre Wünsche zu erweitern. Wir kümmernuns künftig um die Pflege.


Anwenderschulungen, Trainings und Workshops

Von der Schulung aller Projektteilnehmer bis hin zur Rollout-Beratung. Wir steigern mit Ihnen die Akzeptanz des Systems.

As an Atlassian service provider with around 140 employees, we provide you with comprehensive and competent support. There is an experienced replacement for every contact person, when they are not available. With our experienced staff, we also implement large projects quickly and reliably.

Wiki projects require not only knowledge in the field of technology, but also organizational and cultural competence. With our experts, we can provide you with all services, from strategic consulting at the beginning of a project, to technical implementation and reliable operation, all from one source.

//SEIBERT/MEDIA has been a full-service provider for web projects since 1996. We have successfully completed many large-scale projects using Internet technology in the eight-digit Euro area and will be your reliable partner. With us, you will invite an experienced shipmate on board.

You can purchase all Atlassian products through //SEIBERT/MEDIA. We also provide content, technical support and hosting and/or operation of your tools. By working with us, you will also get financial advantages, in addition to all the developer's services. We are amongst the fastest growing partners in Europe.

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